CDP-3000-XL 0zone  Corona Discharge

Experience the full power of Corona Discharge with patented ozone mixer and programmer.

The Ozone pump and Injector is suspended inside the water storage tank. When the pump is activated, constricted water starts to vacuum ozone into the water stream, mixing & creating a high-velocity jet stream. (see illustration below) The key here is for ozone to readily mix with the water. Thousands of micro ozone bubbles stay in the water long enough for the oxidation required. The process continues mixing the jet stream until the desired concentration is reached. Other ozone systems using UV lamps powered by an aquarium air pump cannot effectively dissolve ozone in the water stream and most of the ozone ends up in the air above the water line.

​Product Overview

CDP-XL-3000-115v Ozone System. FREE Shipping!

Easy to install Dual Corona Discharge (CD). Includes Stainless Steel Water Pump , Patented Ozone Injector Module and installation kit.

* Eliminates odors and discoloration caused from Iron/Sulfur/Manganese 

CDP-XL-3000-230v- Ozone System. FREE Shipping!​

Easy to install Dual Corona Discharge (CD). Includes Stainless Steel Water Pump and Patented Ozone Injector Module as pictured above. Includes installation kit.


Patented Mazzei Injectors create thousands of micro ozone bubbles. When pressurized water enters the injector inlet it produces a constriction causing ozone gas to be vacuumed up and mixed creating a high-velocity jet stream.

FILTERS MEDIA incorporates a unique "slow trapping" 
of precipitated sediment. Water becomes extremely clear!  


* Dimensions 10" diameter x 47" tall

Patented Media ~ Iron/Manganese/Sulfur Filter 

This is not your typical "sand filter" This Media is  special and has been tested to the average size of the openings in the media all the way down to 3 micron! For example, a 20-micron filter has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. After installation we get huge reviews by our customers. In fact we encourage you to look at our reviews in terms of customer satisfaction, knowledge and product performance.  Electronically controlled back washing system carries away unwanted Iron/Manganese/Sulfur Particulate. For the person who is looking for clear water with a low maintenance solution our unit is the superior filter choice. Less back washing  than other leading brands. I promise ultra clear water every time!


* Dimensions 12" diameter x 48" tall.

Patented Media Iron/Manganese/Sulfur Filter 

A typical design of recirculated ozone mixing with sand filtration.  
Typical installation.
Above is a custom job we did this year for a customer with 4 separate wells. He consulted us regarding black and smelly water as well as connecting all the well pumps with a controller to operate and monitor them individually. What you see in the pictures is what we installed. The wells are in four separate locations on the 12 acre property. We connected each well pump control wire to individual toggle switches in the box on the wall. Now, with the flip of a switch he is able to run any or all of the four well pumps. With the water flow meter we installed he can watch and track performance on each pump. We also installed a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pump with one 10 gallon pressure tank. This pump operates the electric motor amperage, ramping up and down based on flow and demand and saving substantially on electricity. The pressure stays consistent by simply inputting the desired pressure into the computer. 
Instead of our standard timer, we used an ORP meter that turns the unit power on/off through a switch based on actual ozone content in the water. We used the VFD pump to loop and recirculate all four tanks through the large filter. 

Our CDP-3000-XL uses a sump pump inside the tank. This ozone generator is custom built with 4 corona discharge units and a cooling fan.  We can assist with any application.

(MSS1P) 115v. Ozone Pump (replacement)

Replacement Ozone Pump for Model XL-3000-CDP Ozone System.
UV: Made by the s
un creates low concentrated ozone  in the atmosphere.

CD: Corona Discharge 
 is more powerful as when a lightning storm occurs creating highly concentrated ozone.  Corona is a made using a high voltage arc using cold spark technology. 

Here what some have said when making the transition to CD

 "Thanks for the follow up, Steve. The system is working great! The water tastes good and I no longer have to fool with that bulky filter inside my tank."

Why Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring compound in the form of a gas that is a powerful oxidizer and strong disinfectant. For more than 30 years the bottled water industry has been using ozone to effectively treat the water. The treatment ensures a quality product that customers pay a premium for. Treating water with ozone creates a product that tastes good and is aesthetically pleasing. Such water will please municipal customers not only because it is safe but because it is good-tasting water with fewer chemicals.