Triple O Compatible Parts and Solutions  
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 -  <-- Pictured  is your ​Original Triple O Lamp. Below we offer our better idea. A sturdy and permanent Lamp enclosure that incorporates  a removable and replaceable (Ozone) UV lamp. The cost are greatly reduced and the environment spared by reusing the lamp housing. We think that's a great idea. 

Hello, My name is Steve. I have been engaged in handling extreme water problems for over 30 years! My background is in Ozone Technology and water treatment. I live and work in Paso Robles, California. Our location has become known for its world class wines and wineries. Many of our fine wineries and well owners turn to us for real problem solving and solutions. Our complete line of CDP-3000-XL Ozone Systems utilize a patented ozone mixer for mass transfer of ozone with proven results. Click on the CDP-3000-XL Ozone tab above to learn more about our "Ozone Systems and Corona Discharge" Beyond our excellent technical help, you will find that we know and understand customer service. Our  friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to serve you with fast and reliable answers. Steve takes calls directly 805-610-1136 and is ready to guide your through any technical issues you might face.  We present better ideas and solutions with superior products.  

(WLH101) Triple O Direct Replacement Lamp and Heavy Duty Housing.​

Simply the best Triple O lamp on the market at the lowest price! For an even better solution, check out our Corona Discharge directly below.


(WL102) Replacement Lamp. Lowest price guaranteed. Fits Revolution Ozone SLA-2000

Replacement lamp simply fits our improvedhousing above (WLH101), 12 month pro-rated warranty on all ozone lamps. 10,000 hour lamp-life

The BETTER ozone generator! Replaces outdated UV technology with Cold Plazma  Arc Corona Discharge. Corona Discharge units fit easily in your Triple O box. 

(WCD01) "CD" Corona Discharge 115 v.

To see how to install view our "How-to-video" at the top of page. Replaces the UV lamp with higher ozone concentration. note: airflow on CD's are multi-directional


(WCD02) Corona Discharge 220 v.

"Once you go CD you will never return to UV." note: airflow on CD's are multi-directional

High Output Stainless Steel framed Triple O Air Pump

(AP120) Triple O Replacement Air Pump 120 v. 8psi

* Direct replacement for your Triple O. (higher air output than the original)
* Designed from high quality Stainless Steel
* Open frame for maximum  air flow and last much longer!

(AP220) Triple O Replacement Air Pump 220 v.

8 psi vs 6 psi with Triple O.

Triple O System Leak Detection

Leak detector (0-15psi)includes gauge and barb fitting to connect to the pump. For easy testing of air leaks.

​Many problems associated with damage to the air pump are ozone gases leaking internally inside the Triple O unit's box. Once the air enters the UV lamp or CD unit, the air becomes ozone gas. This gas is not compatible with the air pump bellows and body. To find and remedy we recommend doing the following:

-Purchase a leak detector 

-Remove the line on the outside of the ozone box. Install the leak detector. Turn on the Triple O ozone system for 5 seconds and then back off. Look at the pressure setting of the leak detector gauge. You should have around 6 psi and it should hold that pressure for 30 seconds.  

This process is the same to determine a leak in the ozone tubing going to the diffuser. Simply remove the diffuser and do the same process as done at the ozone box.  

(RFTO) Replacement Filter for Triple O - BACK IN STOCK!

Replacement filter includes a weight to assure the filter is not buoyant. Please note that our compatible filter is about 1" shorter in length than the original Triple O Filter.

Looking for a better filters solution? See our patented automatic back-washing filter below. No mess no fuss!

(NXTS1047)  PATENTED MEDIA FILTER​ 10 GPM "Free Shipping"

Eliminate the insane, in-tank Triple O Filter. This filter was specifically designed to go inside of a swimming pool filter housing that traps particulate matter. Your storage tank isn't that. While some folks don't seem to mind climbing up to retrieve this, they become disgusted when all that muck ends up back inside the tank. They discover thata cloud permeates the water of the entire tank and that's just unacceptable. Many have asked "is there a better solution"? Yes, by installing our filter on your water supply, you will quickly notice how clean your water can be! Our specialized media trap holds and then washes away unwanted particulate matter, bacteria and iron. So much for fishing out that bulky filter. Start experiencing impressively crystal clear water now! A whole house back washing 3 micron filter. 

See our Literature page for Nextsand case studies. Good for most house flow rates. To include irrigation water, a higher flow rate is required. We suggest the larger (NXTS1248) below.

(WT100) Complete Diffuser kit

Diffuser, Barb fitting, Stainless Coupler, Zip ties 2 ea.

(WT105) Diffuser

DIFUSER ON SALE NOW! This will be offered at this lowest possible price. Cleaning in Muriatic Acid is not only unsafe but the fumes are toxic.  Most premature air pump failures can be eliminated by keeping a free flow of air in the diffuser.  So play it smart and  replace once  every 4-6 months.

(WT105-10)1 free Diffuser with purchase of 9 each!

(WY501-10) Wont find a better price on anywhere! We are committed to the lowest and  most economical price to ensure your system stays running perfectly. Buy 9 and get 1 free.

(WT104) Check Valve

Check Valve

1/8" NPT
1/8" - 1/4" Barb
1 free Check valve with purchase of 9 each!

(WT108) S.S.Bell Reducer 3/8 x 1/4

Connects the barbed fitting to the  diffuser

(WT106) Difuser Barbed Connector

Diffuser Barbed Connector
1/4" Male Pipe Thread x 3/16" Hose Barb Fitting

(WPC25) Vinyl, PVC Clear Tubing

Clear Ozone  3/16 ID Tubing 25 foot roll

(WPC50)Vinyl, PVC Clear Tubing

Clear Ozone  3/16 ID Tubing 50 foot roll (black tubing creates extra heat which in turn kill ozone)

(WPC100) Vinyl, PVC Clear Tubing

Clear Ozone 3/16 ID Tubing 100 foot roll

(N1010) Norpreme Tubing

 3/16" ID Air and Ozone tubing 10 feet sections

(WT107) 3/8 Panel Bulk Head Union

Product can be eliminated by simply purchasing our Grommets. (below) The tubing can be broken with a simple check valve outside the box. Grommets free (upon request) when upgrading from a UV  lamp to the new Corona Discharge. 

(PG38) Panel Grommet

Eliminates the brass Bulk Head Union (above). To install remove the Brass Bulk Head union and simply install this grommet in its place. This part eliminates an "extra" break in the ozone line that may cause ozone gas to damage the air pump. Grommets come free with the purchase our "CD" units.

(CDA-3000-XL) Ozone Generator - Directly replaces  Triple O Box using Corona our Discharge 120 volts


​* Hinged and latched ozone box with powder coated back plate.

* Programmable electronic timer. Saves electricity and equipment during the off peak months 

* 17 on/off times. M-F, M-W-F, T-Th-S, M-S, S-S or you can simply run it every day.

 * Triple-O has two settings...ON 24/7 or OFF 24/7

 It's time to experience the real power of a Corona Discharge. 

MODULAR UNITS ALLOW FOR MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATIONS 1.) Replaces Triple-O UV system while still working with the Triple-O filter. Or The air pump can be removed allowing for a second CD when you're ready to upgrade to our newest technology with airless ozone mixer. See CDP-3000-XL "above tab"

Please be sure to put "230 volts" in the notes with your order or call to request for 230 v.

MSS1 Pump / Injector.

Eliminates the your outdated air pump application. Can be matched with any ozone generator including an existing Triple O. Your filter and air pump gets removed and the ozone pump/injector takes its place. a sand filter is then installed on the water supplying the house. Water quality is so improved you will be astonished by it's clarity!

How the System works:
As the pump is energized with Triple O system pressurized water enters the injector inlet creating  a high-velocity jet stream creating a vacuum, thereby enabling ozone gas to be drawn through the suction port thus creating thousand of small particle ozone bubbles. The ozonized water returns into the tank making multiple passes. Triple O systems rely upon aquarium type air pump which does a poor job of dissolving the ozone in water. Large bubbles reaching  the water surface quickly turn back to air.  

(NXTS1465) NEXT SAND FILTER15-25 gpm

3.5 CUBIC FOOT Commercial 1.5 inch pipe size Automatic flushing sand filter. Can be added on as a stand alone filter with a Triple O UV SYSTEM, or you can purchase with our CDA-3000-XL. 

See our Literature page for NextSand case studies.​


While some folks don't mind climbing up the tank and walking this bad boy down. There's certainly others who find this utterly disgusting and slightly dangerous. Without a filter housing , so much of what sticks normally ends up back in the water again.  Steve has some Great News! Read more..
Steve was asked the same question over and over . "Is there a better solution?"   Steve says, " Yes there is!" Take a look at the Newly Patented Ozone Sand Filter (below). This filter when attached to your water supply traps iron and other precipitants entering the home. Untreated water is passed through the fine media pores at a very slow flow rate trapping unwanted sediment and undissolved material. The filter periodically regenerates by flushing the unwanted trapped sediment particulate leaving you with clear refreshing water. Very simple and easy to install. Say goodbye to the dirty old anchor and say hello to clean clear water!  See what customers are saying after installation.

"Steve, I had no idea how much discolored water was entering my home until I installed the NextSand Filter. Wow my clothes and sheets are terrific now!"
     -Mary  H. Santa Cruz, Ca.

"I was told by my Triple O dealer I would have crystal clean water. But every time I pulled my filter out for cleaning the water was disgusting for several day. Now my water is much clearer every day!"  
     -Kevin S. Bellingham, Wa.
Corona Discharge vs. UV Ozone Generation

Ultraviolet (UV) ozone generation:
Ultraviolet lamps have been used for decades to generate ozone.  This lamp emits UV light at 185 nanometers (nm). However the heat created works counter productive as heat is a "killer" of ozone. It also take considerable more electricity to power UV lamps.

Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generation:
The technologies involved in corona discharge ozone generation are varied, but all operate fundamentally by passing air through an electrical field. The electrical current causes the “split” in the oxygen molecules -- ozone being created via Corona Discharge. At the heart of a corona discharge ozone system is the dielectric. The electrical charge is diffused over this dielectric surface, creating an electrical field or “corona”.

Clear advantages of Corona Discharge ozone generation:
- Can be more cost-effective than UV-ozone generation
- Small construction allowing generator to be installed in virtually any area.
- Can create a more pure form of ozone without creating other harmful or irritating gases created by UV.

Of the ozone technologies mentioned above, corona discharge has a clear advantage: greater ozone output, less energy, and more reliability and durability.
Need An Entirely Better Solution?
Look no further than the CDP-3000-XL

* Latest in Corona Discharge Ozone Technology 
* No in-tank Filter
* No Air Pump
* Patented Ozone Injection. 
* 300 % increase in  ozone concentration over U.V.
* Creates thousands of saturated tiny ozone bubbles.
All of our parts and replacement units come with instructions. Please read these instructions in order to assure your equipment runs and lasts properly. We have a disclaimer for returned parts and are not responsible for returned parts improperly installed. IT IS CRITICAL TO MAKE SURE YOUR TUBING AND CONNECTIONS ARE FREE OF LEAKS! We recommend a pressure test of at least 10 psi. be applied to the hoses to assure there are no leaks. will not be responsible for returned pumps that show any signs of ozone oxidization due to system leaks. Please assure your pumps, tubing, fittings and CD units are secure . THE NUMBER ONE FAILURE WE SEE ARE FROM NOT REPLACE THE DIFFUSERS EVERY 4-6 MONTHS. The Instructions to clean with Muriatic Acid is not a good idea. #1: Muriatic Acid is Dangerous, and # 2: Diffusers are very inexpensive.